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Intensive Journal Workshop

The Intensive Journal Workshop is a personal favorite! The Journal Process brings an encouraging and satisfying approach to resolving intra-psychic and interpersonal issues that may plague one's body, work environment, or personal relationships. The work allows the participant to access, through writing exercises, new awareness. The experience is intra-personal, and allows personal privacy and exploration.

The leader is just a guide to finding one's inner truth. Linda was very fortunate to have attended Dr. Ira Progoff workshops in the 1980's. She is currently certified as a Progoff consultant. Workshop sessions are conducted in group settings. Participants are taught to access their inner guidance in a twilight meditation and dialogue with issues that seem hard to resolve in conventional talk therapy. Out of the session(s), clients bring home a written document evoked from their own inner selves rather than imposed by a therapist's perspective. Review and reflection on this work takes a person into a deeper appreciation of his or her own inner wisdom and fosters an atmosphere conducive to inner growth.

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