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Harmony by Design Workshop


This one or two hour workshop is presented for anyone, but applies directly to realtors, business associates, and mental health practitioners.

The primary purpose of the workshop is to learn how to evaluate the energy flow within the environments for which you are responsible (homes for sale, psychology, legal or medical offices, client homes). The secondary objective is to determine how to place persons and objects in the rooms which will enhance harmony, productivity and creativity.

Scientifically, do you believe in the forces that move planets or the vibration that makes radio waves travel? These same subtle forces propel a compass or pendulum and will tell you whether the circumstances in which you find yourself are blocked or free. You will learn how to walk with a pendulum and determine the positive or negative energies that emanate from the space you are evaluating.

Changing the environment to reflect more order; deleting items or using more nature-balancing elements or color is discussed. Examples of success include a child with intractable insomnia who was seen without success in therapy sessions. When the home was evaluated, the child's room was moved from an expansive upstairs vista to a small guest room where she slept naturally. These adjustments are much more efficient than weekly therapy sessions! In Real Estate, a home was evaluated on a busy highway and a large fountain and trees were added to deflect the frenetic traffic, promoting a sale. In a legal office, the reception area and receptionist performance was evaluated. Adjusting some of the electrical equipment at the front desk resolved productivity. This solution did not require HR!

Along with her medical and academic achievements, Linda is certified by the Western School of Feng Shui. She studied with Terah Kathryn Collins, director of the school and best selling author of The Western Guide to Feng Shui. Ms. Collin's CD is available for purchase at the Harmony By Design Workshop.

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