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Dr. Linda W. Peterson

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About the Author

Linda W. Peterson-St. Pierre, PhD, is a professor emerita of Pediatrics and Family Medicine at the University of Nevada School of Medicine where she taught medical students, interns, and residents for 30+ years. In 2004, the residents and faculty of Family Medicine named her Best Teacher of the Year. She currently teaches “The Difficult Patient,” using trained actors. In addition to several books, Linda’s work can be found in more than 60 publications, many media outlets, and national and international publications. 


Linda currently conducts a clinical practice as a marriage and family counselor in Reno, Nevada, working primarily with children and families navigating the chaos of divorce or emotional, physical, and/or sexual abuse. She has worked in the courts for more than 30 years and is certified in mediation, collaborative divorce, and custody evaluations. 
Dr. Peterson-St. Pierre has been a consultant with the National Trauma and Loss Center for Children (TLC) since the publication of her book, Children in Distress: An Art Screening Tool (1996). In 2006, she was awarded TLC Supervisor of the Year. Between 2018 – 2017, Linda created the 12 CEU online course, Clear Vision: The Power of Story for Therapists and Teachers and a 6 CEU online course, Write Out Loud: Reconnecting Military Families. These classes have recently been available in person for CEUs for CASAT at the University of Nevada, Reno. 

Dr. Peterson-St. Pierre conducts several seminars nationally and internationally and currently likes to help people find their own inner wisdom through structured writing workshops based on the books above. These retreats occur in the beautiful surroundings of Nakoma Resort, Clio, California.


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